• My name is Udo Brekow

    The ability to put ideas into practice is the secret to my success

In the transgression from a decision maker to a consultant – I always work for the good of sustainable, economic and social success of your company.

Company sale

Someone who goes his own way
cannot be overtaken.


Because I know how the work.
40 years of operative responsibilities for family-owned businesses.

Start up

Dreams are there to be chased
From the bottom to CEO and chairman of the board in Europe.

Success starts with well-defined objectives

1.) Talking about your business

You are the expert for your business. During our conversations I soak up your ideas. From those we create the idea and strategy that will allow you to stay focussed on what matters – your business.

During these conversations we build trust. Trust is the most important instrument in order to end a project together successfully. Evidently this is the core of every successful collaboration. I want to figure out where you are coming from and what is important to you. I am open to your arguments and your mindset. The one thing I will not accept is a “we’ve always done it like this”.

Everybody wanting to stay at the top, needs to keep moving – and often needs to take a step forwards in the right direction.

2.) Analyzing your current situation

As brief yet detailed as possible and as extensive as necessary – thereby we save a lot of time and money during the analysis. Your money.

Knowledge is power – industry knowledge strengthens. I have acquired a lot of it over the last couple of years. I can listen and know how to ask the right questions. And because I am enthusiastic about the cause, I prepare for each task within the shortest time. Work and set myself quickly and thoroughly in order to assess the situation accurately.

In the process I constantly focus on numbers. Because ambitious goals can only be reached on an economically well-set foundation.

3.) Developing ideas and goals

Profound insights and favourable outlooks – let us take a positive glance at the future.

When all cornerstones, all interests and goals are defined we create the suitable solution and the right implementation plan.

Implementing ideas is my fuel. Here again I take consulting very seriously. In perspective that means I don’t simply execute orders, but rather collaborate to find the most suitable solution.

My specialty: creative solutions for complex assignments. I develop suitable concepts to your individual cause. Simple, clever and comprehensible.

4.) The journey begins

Words alone don’t change anything. I let my actions speak. Intelligence and creativity as driving force.

Whoever collaborates with me knows exactly what he wants: intelligent concepts with individual Solutions. Personal support, experience and extensive industry knowledge.

Long-term customer loyalty is important to me. As well as intensive collaboration and face-to-face contact. That’s why I am there for you, to answer your questions and keep you updated. Prompt, simple and straightforward. That’s how I am.

I am Udo Brekow

born in 1961

wohnhaft in Malaga


2 Children

I know what I’m doing because I have 40 years of experience in the logistics field – in mid-sized and multinational companies (20.000 employees).

For 20 years I operated in top management for multinational logistics companies, most recently as CSO of a company with 11.200 employees and 1.7 Billion Euros in turnover with international profit and loss responsibilities.

My career began in operational services and via Sales positions led me to the responsibilities of branch manager.

That wasn’t enough for me and I developed into a strategically thinking area manager and further to CSO and chairman of the board in various national subsidiaries.

Nowadays I offer my knowhow in order to do what I always have: Managing passionately.

The ability to put ideas into practice is the secret to my success

Experience is something different than routine.

  • The Re-organization and sustainable strategic realignment of a business segment of a multinational logistics company, positive earnings trend in the extent of a double-digit Million Euro amount within 24 Months.
  • Restructuring of branches through accepting entrepreneurial responsibility.
  • Development and management of a coaching team for restructuring branches.
  • Development, introduction and implementation of European and global industry concepts in the logistics sector.
  • Assumption of national key account management and further development to a European key account management including turnover responsibilities of 350 Million Euros with above average return.
  • Responsible for Europe-wide sales with turnover responsibilities of 2 Billion Euros.
  • Profit and Loss responsibility for Eastern European national subsidiaries as well as Eastern, South Eastern and Southern German branches with a turnover responsibility of 750 Million Euros per annum.
  • Development and implementation of process oriented internal transfer prices for a multinational logistics company.

More than you would expect

  • Extensive experience in the area of company founding/start-up consultancy of companies and joint ventures in Europe and Turkey.
  • 360-degree coaching of companies and CEO’s in order to verify business ideas and entrepreneurial restructuring.
  • Assessment of current business figures and preparation of concrete measures for improvement of business indicators.
  • Redesign of brand image and implementation support of sales concepts, recruiting of c-level management.
  • Recruiting of c-level management
  • Conceptual simplification of day-to-day business in collaboration with founders and management.

Every assignment is exciting

Every journey begins with the first step.

Give me a call.

+ 49 (0) 178 478 585 1

Or write me. I will gladly contact you and am looking forward to meeting you.

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